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Possible Repair Issues For Your Marina After A Storm

Did your area just get walloped by a bad storm? If you suspect your marina has suffered damage, you will of course want to take a look at the issues as soon as possible. Here are some of the potential trouble spots you'll want to inspect after the storm in order to assess the damage and begin the marina repair process with a local professional as soon as possible.

Make Sure It's Safe

Before you start walking the marina, be sure it's safe to do so. If you immediately notice severe issues like unstable structures, avoid going out there at all and wait for professional help. Step cautiously, especially if there are slippery surfaces or if you are concerned about electrical issues.

Don't Forget to Photograph Damages

If you will be submitting the repair bill to your insurance company, don't forget to document the damage in full before any repair work begins. You should also contact your insurer right away to file a claim.

Structural or Stability Issues

Any structural issues should be addressed first, but again, don't walk onto something if you are not sure that it will hold. Make sure the dock or deck is properly supported and even. If your pilling caps have been damaged, you will want to replace these as soon as possible. Damaged or missing pilling caps can lead to more significant issues like rot over time.

Fasteners or Docking Devices

After the dock itself is secured, you should also be checking your docking components. Bumpers, cleats, and fasteners that are used to secure the boats should be inspected.

Be Wary of Electrical Issues

Your marina likely has some lights or power outlets installed. Use extra caution here as you want to make sure that there is not a live electrical connection in the water. If it's an obvious and safe fix, go ahead, but otherwise contact an electrician.

Check for Leaks

If you have floating docks, inspect them in detail for signs of leaks. You should also inspect any waterlines to ensure they retain good pressure or flow.

Contact a Marina Repair Specialist 

For best results when conducting a marina repair, you should bring in a company dedicated to the task. Keep in mind they might be busy after a local storm but it's absolutely worth waiting for professional help. They will ensure your marina is fixed in the right way and will keep you out of harm's way.

Contact a local marina repair to learn more.