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2 Times You Need To Have Your Property Surveyed

A land survey is done to mark your property's boundaries and any landmarks on your property. The surveyor will walk your property, measure it, and try to find the border markers that previous surveyors would have placed. They will also look at old documents like title records and plat maps to see the original property lines and if there are any easements or other land use agreements. When all of this is done, the surveyor will set new property markers and make sure that you know where your boundaries are, as well as any easements. In general, people don't have surveys done on their land, but there are some times when you should have your land surveyed. 

Property Line Disputes

You and your neighbor may be disputing where the property line is. That can be a big problem for several reasons. Depending on where you live, your neighbor may be able to claim part of your land if they have consistently kept it up over a certain amount of time. If that is happening, the best way to prove that your property is yours is to conduct a land survey. The surveyor will be able to clearly mark your boundaries and clear up any disputes. On top of leaving physical markers, the surveyor can also give you the exact coordinates of the boundary so you know where it is, even if the physical markers are moved. 

New Structures

If you are going to build new structures on your property, including things like wells and septic fields, you should have a survey done. Each city and state has rules about how close to property lines certain structures can be, including your house. A surveyor will measure the distances between what you want to have built on your property and your boundary lines and other structures. With those measurements in hand, you can build the new structure knowing it will be in the right place. This is especially important when you are having a septic field installed because that can't be too close to your house, a neighbor's house, and your well. 

Getting your property surveyed can be a good idea just for your peace of mind, but there are times when you should have it done. Talk to a company that offers land surveying options to see how they can help you. That way, you will know exactly where your property starts and ends. 

Contact a local land surveyor to learn more.