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Essential Tips For Your Outdoor Fireplace Masonry Project

Whether you want warmth or to improve aesthetics, building an outdoor fireplace is an improvement project you want to consider. While an outdoor fireplace can be an important addition to your property, it is also a complex project. 

Choose Suitable Masonry Right Materials

The materials in your fireplace will have to withstand intense heat, but it also needs to handle exposure to the elements. In particular, the outdoor fireplace should be able to withstand rain, snow, and ice exposure without damage. In this regard, granite and firebrick can be two of the more durable materials you can choose. While high-quality materials can be more costly, they are also more durable. This durability can directly reduce the future repair costs your fireplace may need.

Choose A Suitable Location For The Outdoor Fireplace

When preparing to add an outdoor fireplace, a major decision is where to place it. While a masonry contractor may be able to install this fireplace almost anywhere on your property, you will want to make sure that it is situated in a safe area. Installing the outdoor fireplace in a clear area reduces the risk of embers causing fires. Further minimizing this risk involves fitting the outdoor fireplace with a screen that can catch the burning embers that drift away from the fire.

Work With A Masonry Professional To Design And Build The Outdoor Fireplace

Designing an outdoor fireplace that can withstand the elements and heat of the fire can be a complicated process. Mistakes with designing the fireplace could lead to issues with the airflow or smoke ventilation. These problems could make it much harder to sustain a fire. Many professional masonry contractors offer design assistance to their clients. Working closely with these professionals makes creating a design for a custom fireplace that matches your budget far easier. After finishing these plans, these professionals can handle the entire construction process. This includes preparing the site for the fireplace's foundation and the masonry work needed. Lastly, applying a sealant to the fireplace's surface can reduce the risk of staining, water damage, or other surface problems.

Review Local Permitting And Homeowner Association Rules

As with other property improvements, numerous rules and regulations may govern adding an outdoor fireplace to your property. One example of this requirement is obtaining the appropriate permits from the local government. Additional limitations may apply if you are part of a homeowners' association. This can include the outdoor fireplace's size, placement, and other design aspects. Reviewing these rules at the start of the process can enable you to avoid potential complications in the future.

Contact a local masonry contractor to learn more.