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Did You Purchase An Older Home And The Power Intermittently Goes Out? What Can Cause This To Happen

If you purchased an older home and the power intermittently goes out, you can get frustrated. There are many things that can cause this to happen. The best thing is to contact an electrician to take care of the problem. Below are some issues they may find. 

Out-of-Date Control Panel

Because the home is older, the control panel may be out-of-date. For example, you likely have electronic devices in your home that use much more electricity than their older counterparts. If the current circuit breakers cannot handle the amount of power, they will go out intermittently. 

An electrician can check the wattage of each circuit breaker and compare that to the wattage of your devices. If the wattage of the circuit breakers is not enough, they can replace the circuit breakers with new ones that can handle the power. If the circuit breaker panel is old, this would be a good time to have the entire panel replaced. This involves all new wiring and every circuit breaker replaced. 

Blown Fuses

Another thing that can cause intermittent power outages is blown fuses. Fuses are an important part of your electrical system is they automatically turn off if there is a power load. If you have a blown fuse, you can replace the fuse to take care of the problem. 

A faulty appliance can cause this issue. The appliance may have a loose connection or the connection may be faulty. If you have an appliance like this, you should replace it or have the appliance repaired. An electrician can quickly determine if you are having this problem and which appliance is causing it. You may have a short circuit in the wiring.

This problem is dangerous as it can lead to a house fire. If you have mice in your home, they may have chewed the wiring, or the insulation from the wiring may have degraded and needs to be replaced. 

You should hire an electrician to replace the fuse. To do this, they first unplug all appliances in the area of your home that is having power problems. The main power switch must be turned off, which will disconnect the power in the fuse box. The electrician removes the bad fuse and replaces it with a new one. They will then turn the power back on, plug back in your appliances, and then check to see if the power stays steady. If it does not, the electrician will do further troubleshooting. 

Contact a local residential electrician to learn more.