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3 Pests That Can Damage Your Roof

If pests get inside your attic, then they can do some damage. This damage isn't always just internal, and some animals and insects can damage your roof and its supporting structure as well.

If you have problems with these pests, then you should call out a roofing contractor after you've dealt with them to check your roof's condition. You might need to make some repairs if they have caused some damage.

Read on to learn more about animals and insects that can damage a roof.

1. Raccoons

Raccoons can be destructive. While relatively small, these animals are strong and tenacious. They can damage roof surfaces to make room to get inside the space.

For example, a determined raccoon might destroy shingles. If it finds an access point on a roof and needs to make it bigger, then it might rip off shingles or chew holes in them. Even a small raccoon can create a lot of external damage.

These creatures can also damage eaves and wood supports inside your attic. This damage can compromise the position and integrity of your roof.

2. Termites

If termites get into your roof space or attic, then they can do a lot of damage to anything that is made from wood in the area. They can also damage some roofs and their support systems.

For example, these insects will happily munch through wood shingles. Even if you don't have a wood roof, they can make the roof unsafe by attacking its supporting structure. If they eat through wood trusses, eaves, and rafters, then your roof loses some of its support.

Your roof might start to sag if its wooden supports can't hold its weight, In extreme cases, it might even collapse in areas where termites have destroyed support beams and timbers to such an extent that they sag or break.

3. Bees

If bees nest under your roof, then you probably had some minor roof damage before they came indoors. The insects probably got into your roof space or attic through gaps or holes in your roof.

While you might not think that these insects will cause any damage because they don't eat wood, they can actually do some harm. They can damage the underside of roofs to create room for their nests. Plus, large nests can be heavy enough to cause structural problems with the underside of your roof or its supports.

If you have had problems with any of these pests in your attic or roof space, then contact local roof repair contractors. They can check the outside of your roof and its internal support system. If you do have some damage, they can fix it.