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How Gutter Guards Help Around Your Home's Exterior

In order to understand the importance of a gutter guard, you should first have a basic understanding of rain gutters and how they work. This article will introduce you to the basics of rain gutters and provide you with helpful information on gutter guards. Here is some more information on these things:

How rain gutters work

Rain gutters are installed on the underside of the roof's edges. Their placement makes it so rainwater will flow off the roof and land right in the gutters. From there, the water travels through the gutter to the downspout. A downspout is an enclosed portion of the gutter system that runs vertically, going from the gutter to just above the ground. At the bottom of the downspout, there is an opening where the water comes out. From there, the water will drain away from the home. 

Why rain gutters are important

Without rain gutters, the rain would drop off the edge of the roof and hit the ground around the home. This would create puddles along the home and lead to problems like soil erosion. Plants and bushes near this part of the home's exterior would likely die due to root exposure once the soil has eroded enough. Also, the home's foundation could be damaged as a shift happens in the soil. Gutters prevent these things from happening, but only when they are kept clean and free of blockages. This is where the gutter guards come in. 

How gutter guards work

Gutter guards can be made from different types of material and offer a selection of styles. They prevent things from landing in the rain gutters that could create a blockage. Some things that commonly end up in rain gutters include leaves, twigs, nests, and more. Even nuts, berries, and small pine cones from nearby trees can end up in the rain gutters. The gutter guards fit over the rain gutters and connect to them securely. Whether the gutter guard has a screen design, a brush design, or another type, it prevents most of the debris from entering the gutters. 

The benefits of gutter guards

When you have gutter guards installed on the rain gutters, you won't have to have them cleaned nearly as often. In fact, most of the time you can simply check them and will likely see that they are still free of debris. This can save you the hassle of cleaning the gutters yourself, or the money of having someone else do it. Also, the gutter guards can help to keep the rain gutters in better condition because they won't end up being weighed down by blockages and stagnant water. Since there won't be stagnant water, it also means the guards can help prevent mosquito infestations. 

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