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When Do You Need To Call Septic Tank Drainfield Repair Services?

Septic drainfield failure can be hazardous to your family and neighbors if left unchecked, so it's important to know the warning signs before it's too late. But if your septic system starts to fail, you'll certainly know about it! Several signs indicate a septic drainfield failure has occurred, and the sooner you can repair the problem and prevent further damage to your home and property, the better off you'll be. What can tell you it's time to call septic tank drainfield repair services? 

1. Slow Drainage in the House

If you're experiencing water-draining problems in your house, there may be an issue with your septic drainfield. You'll see wastewater draining too slowly from all the sinks and tubs in the house. This is because the water has nowhere to flow, and the effluent is leaching too slowly to make way for more wastewater. 

2. Increased Plant Growth on the Drainfield 

One sign that you may have problems with your drainfield is a rapid growth of grass and other greenery on top of or near your drainfield system. This is often due to excess nutrients being flushed into the soil. 

You should call septic tank drainfield repair services immediately if you start noticing plants growing on top of or near your septic tank, as it may mean that waste is escaping into your yard!

3. Rising Water Backing Up into the House 

If you notice water backing up into your house when you run a tap or flush a toilet, your septic system may be failing. You may also see wet areas around drainpipes and cracks in walls. The water will rise because the drainfield is too saturated to take any more. If any of these issues occur, it's time to think about septic tank drainfield repair. 

4. Overpowering Odor From the Drainfield 

A serious septic problem usually produces a powerful and distinctive odor, which becomes stronger in hot weather. The rotten smell from septic failure comes from bacterial action inside your drainfield. The stench is sometimes too much and infiltrates the house. Call septic tank drainfield repair services to handle this emergency. 

5. Water Puddles on the Drainfield 

If you see water puddles on your septic drainfield during wet weather, it could signify that it failed. Water standing on top of your drain field can indicate a blockage or an overloaded system. At times like these, it's best to seek septic tank drainfield repair services immediately to minimize further damage to your property.

A failing septic system can make your home uninhabitable; you must ensure the drainfield is in good shape at all times. Call septic tank drainfield repair services immediately if you notice any of these failure symptoms.