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Key Points You Need To Know About Land Surveys

When it comes to buying or selling a piece of property, land surveys are an important part of the process. Here are some key points to know about them and why you need one. 

What is a land survey?

A land survey is an inspection and measurement of a piece of land to determine its size, boundaries, and other features. Surveys are typically conducted by licensed surveyors, who use specialized equipment to accurately measure the land. Surveys are often used to establish property boundaries, as well as to locate features such as utilities or buildings on a piece of land.

What is a land survey used for?

Land surveys are important for a number of reasons. They help to ensure that a piece of land is accurately measured and recorded, which can be useful for a variety of purposes such as establishing property boundaries, locating features on a piece of land, or determining the size of a piece of land. Surveys can also be used to create maps of an area, which can be helpful for planning purposes or for navigation.

How long is a land survey good for?

While the results of a land survey are typically accurate, they can become outdated over time due to changes in the land. For example, if a piece of land is developed or undergoes natural erosion, this may affect the measurements used in a survey. As such, most land surveys are valid for a period of several years but should be updated periodically to ensure that the results remain accurate. Additionally, land surveys may need to be updated if there are changes in the ownership or boundaries of a piece of land.

Who pays for a land survey?

The cost of a land survey can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as any additional services that are included. In most cases, the party who orders the survey will be responsible for paying for it. However, there may be situations where the cost is shared between multiple parties, such as when a survey is ordered for the purposes of land development. When a mortgage company requires a land survey in order to finalize funding for a mortgage, the buyer pays for the survey.

A land survey is a legal document that shows the boundaries of a property. It's important to have one done before you purchase or sell a piece of land, as it can help avoid disputes down the road. Research land surveying for more information.