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How To Get The Most Out Of The Additional Space You Have With ADU House Plans Or Designs

ADUs or accessory dwelling units are becoming more popular than ever. To understand the term, one just needs to think about space in a garage, basement, attic, or even a shed that is not used but is reclaimed and redesigned for additional housing or another dedicated use. Many ADU projects have become necessary as more people found dedicated office space at home a priority or the need to accommodate parents or relatives moving into their homes.

Buying Plans

If you are considering turning a section of your existing home into usable space that was vacant in the past, you need to have a design of some sort in mind. ADU floor plans are available in many places. Some architects are even selling the plans they create directly to clients online. 

Often the generic plans are designed to take a general size or dimension and maximize the space with a floor plan that offers a lot of flexibility in the space. For some people, a home office that doubles as a guestroom is a great way to use the space, but the cost of retrofitting things in the house to accommodate the use of the extra square footage can add up. 

Having ADU plans to work from can help streamline the process, saving time and money as you undertake the renovation and upgrade within the home. Because there are so many different plans available, you can get a rough idea of what you want to do with the space, then look at designs for spaces similar in size and pick one that works. 

Custom Plans

An architect can create ADU building plans specifically for your home or situation if you prefer that option. In most cases, you can send the architect the dimensions of the space, some photographs for design references, and your ideas about how you think you will use the room, and they can create a drawing or design for you. 

Custom ADU plans often allow you to change the designs throughout the process if you decide there is something you don't care for in the design. The architect will usually offer a specific number of revisions in the cost of the plans, so if there is something you don't like but is legally or structural necessary, the architect can explain why the design must incorporate that feature. 

Once the custom ADU building plans are ready, the architect will send them to you, and you can find a contractor that can build the space to the plans and finish the space for you. If you have experience in construction, you may want to do most of the work yourself and subcontract electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work to ensure those specialty trades are handled correctly for the APU space.