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4 Things To Know About Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl has become a popular choice when choosing new siding. It's attractive and durable, plus installation goes fast since the siding is light and easy to work with. However, it's important to follow proper techniques when installing vinyl siding since it expands and contracts with the weather. Here are four things to know about vinyl siding installation.

1. The Wall Needs To Be Prepped

The key to successful vinyl siding installation is to prep the wall properly before putting the siding on. The plywood should be dry, solid, and covered with house wrap. The wall needs to be smooth, so if there are imperfections, the plywood might need to be replaced in some areas first.

2. Vinyl Siding Needs Room To Move

One of the most important things to know about vinyl siding installation is that the siding has to be attached so the panels can move. Vinyl responds to outdoor temperatures by expanding and contracting. If the panels are nailed tightly to the wall, they can't move freely and they might warp.

Warping is avoided by making sure the nails are not driven in too deep. There should be a small clearance between the nail heads and the siding. Plus, there needs to be clearance at the ends of the siding where the panels meet windows and corners. This can take skill and experience, and it's one reason you may want professionals to do your vinyl siding installation.

3. The Panels Must Be Level

Another important point about installing vinyl panels is they have to be kept level. The panels connect with each other so if one panel starts to slant, the ones above it will slant too. The siding needs to be checked every few panels to make sure they are all still level horizontally. If that's not done, it might be necessary to remove panels and start over.

4. Save Leftover Panels For Repairs

When your vinyl siding installation is complete, ask the contractor for the leftover panels so you can save them in case you ever need to replace a panel or cut a patch for repairs. This ensures your replacement panel is an exact color match and will blend in well.

When you hire professionals to install your vinyl siding, you don't have to worry about details that could ruin the look of your siding since they have experience and know what they're doing. If you attempt to install vinyl siding yourself, be sure you understand the proper procedure so your siding doesn't warp and so it lasts a long time. 

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