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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Reclaimed Wood For Barn Construction

Looking to build a barn but can't decide which construction material to use? If you want to give old construction material a new lease of life, consider a reclaimed wood barn.

As the name suggests, this type of barn construction requires building with wood salvaged from previous projects, usually old buildings or structures. Reclaimed wood offers a variety of benefits and drawbacks that should be carefully considered when determining if it is the right choice for the intended application.

Check out these pros and cons before choosing reclaimed wood for your barn construction project.

The Pros

When used as a barn construction material, reclaimed wood can deliver many fantastic benefits. These include the following:

Gives previously used wood a new lease on life

Reclaimed wood barn construction is a clever way to extend the life of wood recovered from old buildings or structures. This helps to reduce the need to cut down trees for timber production purposes.

Diverts valuable wood away from the landfills

While not all of the wood from end-of-life structures is salvageable, a significant amount of it is. By using reclaimed wood for your barn construction project, you can help reduce the need to deposit wood material at a landfill nearby. This reduces the need to set aside more land to be used as landfill sites.

Is unlikely to run out

One of the major concerns many people have regarding the use of reclaimed wood in construction is that it'll eventually run out. While it's not uncommon for resources to become depleted over time, it's highly unlikely that reclaimed wood will run out in the near future. As long as wooden structures are still being built, there will always be some salvage-worthy wood out there.

Retains the beauty and value of wood

Real wood is beautiful and is known for its natural heat-insulating properties. Building a reclaimed wood barn is a great way to benefit from these unique qualities.

The Cons

Like other barn construction materials, reclaimed wood has its disadvantages, too. These include the following:

Building a barn with reclaimed wood can be a rewarding project, depending on your project requirements. To find out more about this type of barn construction, consult a local lumber supplier, like Old World Lumber Company.