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Tips For Getting A New Metal Roof

Failing to replace your roof in time for a hurricane or winter storm isn't the kind of regret you want to live with. Weather events will not only badly damage your home, but they'll also put the health and safety of your entire household at risk. Avoid this calamity by upgrading to a new roof as soon as you notice that it's time. Go a step further by purchasing a professionally engineered metal roof. The tips below will teach you about roofing options, why they're so sought after, and how you can hire a metal roof installation contractor. 

When should you consider upgrading to metal roofing?

Get your roof inspected at least once every year or two so that you don't overlook major problems. Make a change to a brand new metal version if your roof constantly leaks, mold is developing, or the roof is several years old. Make this switch well before the wintertime or hurricane season. Insurance claims due to winter storm damage racked up $1.1 billion in a recent year. Even a bad tropical storm can badly damage your roof beyond repair. Metal roofing is the most durable on the market and will add value to your home. 

What goes into planning a metal roof project?

Put thought into the type of metal roof that you'd like. The main options include architectural steel, aluminum, corrugated metal, zinc, and copper roofing. These roofs are anti-corrosive, durable, and easily shaped and styled however you'd like. You can improve your home's climate and acoustics by installing brand new insulation to go with it. Your home insulation is measured by the R-value, so check these metrics before getting the accompanying insulation work. Have a roofer measure the area of your roof so that you know the exact square footage of metal roofing tiles that you'll need. 

How can you bring on the right company to handle your metal roofing installation?

The puzzle is complete when you find a qualified metal roofing professional to address the work. After taking measurements they'll give you a detailed price sheet along with several options. Expect this service to cost you $10,270, on average. A homeowner's insurance claim may cover some of this if it's related to damage that is covered. You can get a new roof for little to nothing if your roof needs repair while under warranty. 

Consider the tips above when you're looking to buy a metal roof. To learn more, contact a metal roofing installation company.