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What You Should Do If You See Cracks In The Foundation Of Your Home

Your home's foundation supports the house and keeps it from shifting or sinking over time. If you notice cracks or damage to the foundation, you may need to have a foundation repair contractor inspect the damage to determine if there is a problem that needs attention. 

Cracks In The Wall

The foundation under your home might be concrete blocks, poured concrete, rock or stone, or, in some older homes, brick. The materials used to create the foundation can break down over time, and the foundation may develop some small cracks in it. Some degree of cracking is expected, but large cracks and gaps in the wall are not. Cracks and damage should be checked by a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as you notice them.

If you can see through the cracks, or if water is seeping in through them, you may have a problem that needs immediate attention. The contractor inspecting the foundation will check the size of the cracks, and the condition of the concrete holding the foundation together to determine if they can repair the damage or if replacing the foundation is necessary. 

Foundation Repair

Most of the time, when the foundation starts to show its age, the foundation repair company can clean out any loose mortar or concrete and repoint the seams. Repointing involves putting new mortar into the joints to seal and stabilize the foundation that is already there. 

If the foundation is concrete, sealing the cracks using hydraulic cement is the most common repair method. Some repair companies are using a more modern repair that involves injecting high-strength epoxy into the cracks to bond to the concrete instead. The epoxy will seal the crack, but it also bonds to the concrete to join the two sections together.

The epoxy used is stronger than the concrete, so it will strengthen the entire wall. The epoxy can have a significant benefit when stabilizing the foundation is required.

Foundation Replacement

If there is a large amount of damage to the foundation, the foundation repair contractor may suggest replacing it with a new one. The idea of replacing the entire foundation may sound daunting, but it is more common than you might expect. 

The house can be carefully jacked up and supported with heavy timbers or steel beams, and then the crew can remove the old foundation walls. A new footing is poured from concrete, and the new foundation is constructed on the concrete footing. 

Once the new foundation is complete, the entire house is gently set onto the new foundations and secured through the sill plate. When done correctly, the new foundation should last the life of your home and ensure that you will not have further problems with the foundation.