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Freshening Up Your Older Storefront Property? 3 Reasons To Add Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

If your retail business is located in an older building, renovating the storefront can provide an opportunity to increase customer traffic and send more profits to your bottom line. While basic renovations like fresh paint or a new awning can help, retail business owners should consider making more substantial changes, such as installing commercial architectural doors, to gain more benefits from their renovation efforts. 

Increase natural light

Older storefronts were often designed with heavy wooden or steel entry doors that block much of the natural light from reaching the interior. In an attempt to banish shadows and brighten darkened interior spaces, owners of these storefronts often turn to harsh fluorescent lighting. A better plan could be to remove the original doors and replace them with new commercial architectural glass doors. This type of upgrade will allow more of the store's interior, including items on display, to be attractively bathed in soft, natural light. 

Increase visibility

Older storefronts can also create a visibility issue for window shoppers on the outside looking in, as well as for store employees who need to be aware of any customers who may be entering or exiting the store. Visibility can be even more of an issue for older storefronts where the entry door is positioned at one side or the other of the front wall.

Redesigning the entry to add double commercial architectural glass doors at the entrance to these storefronts is an excellent way to increase visibility for both customers and store employees. Increasing visibility provided by the full glass construction of these doors can be especially helpful for storefronts that open early or close well after dark or those located in an area where outdoor lighting is insufficient. 

Increase security and energy efficiency

Storefronts that still use the original doors may also find that upgrading to commercial architectural glass doors can help them enjoy a more secure entryway, as well as greater energy efficiency and comfort. Aging wooden doors, like those often found in older storefronts, can be difficult to lock and their inability to seal out air can make the shop feel cold and drafty. When these older doors are replaced with new commercial architectural glass doors, new door frames with energy-efficient seals and secure locking options can also be installed. 

Storefront owners who would like to explore this type of renovation for their retail location will want to discuss their situation with a reputable contractor who specializes in the installation of commercial architectural glass doors. For more information, reach out to a local company, like Creative Door Inc.