Construction Studio Design Tips

Designing Your New Commercial Building

Investing in the construction of a new commercial building can allow your business to have a facility that will meet all of its requirements for maximum productivity. However, there are some factors that are often not given the attention that they need during the design process.

Include Fire Mitigation Systems

A comprehensive fire mitigation system can be a critical piece of your building's infrastructure. Without these systems, the occupants of the building could be at a high risk of being injured during a fire, and the business could face catastrophic losses due to small fires being able to grow unimpeded in the facility. Whenever you are creating a design for the building, you should verify that the interior has comprehensive protection with fire sprinkler systems and other suppression options. This can allow for the damage from small fires to be isolated to small areas of the structure.

Consider The Parking Lot Designs Early In The Project

The parking lot that the business will need is another critical factor to assess during the design process. Failing to consider the space that is needed for this surface can result in the creation of a building design that is simply too large to allow for a suitable parking area to be paved. As a result, some customers and workers may have a difficult time being able to park on the property. Depending on the type of business that you run, discouraging customers from entering the structure by having too little parking could significantly reduce the overall revenue and profits of the enterprise. Striking the appropriate balance between these competing factors can be a challenge, but an experience commercial building designer will be able to help you with gauging an appropriate amount of parking based on the size of the building that you will need.

Incorporate Sustainable Energy Sources

The energy costs of a large commercial building can be extremely high, and reducing them as much as possible will translate into higher profits and better efficiency. In this regard, the installation of solar panels on the roof or the use of other renewable power sources can be an option that significantly reduces the amount of power that the business will have to pay to use. In situations where there is a malfunction or not enough sunlight for the solar panels, the building can automatically draw more power from the local electrical grid so that your workers and customers will be unlikely to notice that a change in power sources has occurred.

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