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Six Tips That Can Help You Prepare For A Land Survey

Having a land survey done can be an important step in researching a property you are interested in buying or selling. Land surveys are also important for determining how you will use a property and what legal rights you and others have on parts of the property.

The following are six tips that can help you prepare for a land survey. 

Find the right land survey service for your needs

Your first step is to find a surveyor to handle your land survey. It's important to do your research and find a surveyor who is able to meet your needs at a price that is within your budget. It's also important to find a surveyor located relatively close to your property to minimize travel time. 

Understand the different types of land survey

There are numerous different types of land surveys that you can have done. You need to have the appropriate types of surveys done for your needs.

You could have a topographic survey, boundary survey, or cadastral survey done. You should be aware of what these types of surveys are and which ones you need. 

Get out any pertinent records

There are certain documents that your land survey service might want to consult. These can include the deed for the property in question and any records of past surveys that were conducted on the property. Make sure you have any documents your surveyor requests ready. 

Determine what the goals of the land survey are

Land surveys can be necessary for many reasons. They can be done to determine property lines. They can be conducted to analyze possible disagreements or discrepancies regarding easements or rights-of-way. They can also be done to get a property connected to utility lines.

You need to determine what the goals of the land survey are and discuss them with your land survey service. This way, you know you'll get all the boxes checked off and won't have to do an additional survey in the future. 

Set a budget for land survey costs

Land survey costs can vary widely. The average cost of a land survey is typically around $504. However, land survey costs are typically calculated based on the size of the property in question. Therefore, you might have to pay considerably more if you're having an especially large property surveyed.

It's important to be aware of how much you can expect to pay and to set a budget aside for these costs if you're having a land survey done. 

Determine a good time to schedule your land survey

It's best to schedule your land survey for a time when you will be available to observe and answer any questions the surveyor has for you. For a large property, a land survey could potentially take several days. Make sure you're aware of the time demands and prepare accordingly. 

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