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Why You Should Sealcoat Your Driveway

Do you have an asphalt driveway that was recently installed and you want to protect it? If so, you may be thinking about having a sealcoat applied to the surface. That's because asphalt is a porous material, and a sealcoat will help prevent many problems that can come up over the years.. Here are some of the benefits that driveway sealcoating can offer.

Preventing Chemical Damage

A common problem that happens in driveways is when your vehicle leaks fluid onto the surface below. Oil can cause some nasty stains to appear on the porous surface of asphalt, and chemicals from other fluids can cause damage as well. A sealcoat is going to provide a protective layer against any fluid that may leak out of your car so that it is easier to clean the surface when you notice a spill.

Protecting Against Water Erosion

Water can also get into the asphalt that makes up your driveway, which will cause it to erode over time. A sealcoat is going to provide a protective layer that prevents the water from getting into the asphalt in the first place. This will help to prevent the top layer of asphalt from becoming weak and breaking down. This is how cracks can form in the surface and cause potholes to form in the driveway. When the winter weather comes, frozen water in cracks will expand, causing the crack to get bigger overall. 

Blocking UV Light

Another way that the asphalt breaks down over time is due to exposure to UV light, which causes the asphalt to become weaker. Sealcoating helps prevent the UV rays from coming in contact with the asphalt, in a similar way that asphalt shingles have granules on them that protect them from the sun as well. 

Improving The Curbside Appeal

You can't deny the effect that an asphalt driveway has on the curbside appeal of your home. You may be looking to sell your home in the future and like the look that an asphalt driveway can provide, or you may simply want it to look good for your personal enjoyment. A sealcoat helps prevent all that damage from occurring so that the driveway always looks good.

Do you think you're ready to have a sealcoat applied to your asphalt driveway? Reach out to a driveway sealcoating contractor in your area that can perform this part of asphalt maintenance for you.