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When Should You Perform Residential Garage Door Repair?

Your residential garage door should be sturdy enough to offer the right protection.  With its frequent use, your garage door is bound to have problems. This is why you need to check it regularly. If the door seems to have issues, repair by a professional is needed. Even a minor issue may signal a bigger problem, so you should never ignore it. The garage door repair helps make the door more efficient and durable. Knowing when to repair your residential garage door is critical. Here are indications you need to perform the garage door repair. 

The Door Doesn't Open when you Disengage the Release

Your garage door opens easily if all its moving parts are operating efficiently. If the door has an issue, you should disengage the opener for manual opening. However, you may find that it is still not opening.  If you disengage the emergency release but cannot lift the door manually, this indicates broken cables or springs. Immediate repair is needed to prevent the problem from escalating. 

Difficult Closing or Opening the Door 

If you have issues opening or closing your residential garage door, then there is a major problem. This shows there might be faulty wiring, a blocked track, or jammed machinery. Other pertinent causes may include damaged cables, tracks, and springs. If the door cannot close or open, check if there is a blockage on its path. In case nothing is blocking its way, consult a garage door company for further diagnosis and repairs. 

A Dysfunctional Automatic Door Opener 

With the advancement in garage door technology, automatic openers are more common nowadays. If your opener isn't working, there is something wrong. It is easy to resolve the issue in case the battery is exhausted or the problem is as a result of a power outage. If the two aren't the root of the issue, then a more extensive garage door repair is a must. A garage door company carries out a thorough assessment of the motor, gear, and other parts to determine what is causing the problem and perform the right repairs. 

Damaged Extension Springs 

Most garage doors problems involve the springs and torsions. The springs and torsions are always under high tension when the door closes. This makes the two more susceptible to damages than other door parts. If you face difficulties opening the door, the springs and torsion need to be checked. 

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