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Upgrading The Lighting Systems In Your School

Being responsible for the daily and long-term management of a school can be an awesome responsibility. However, it is important to consider all of the factors that will go into keeping the building an effective and safe learning place. In particular, the lighting systems that are installed in the building can play an especially important role.

Have A Plan For Lighting System Upgrades

A school can have extensive lighting systems in order to illuminate the entire campus. As a result, upgrading the lighting systems can be a major expense, and it is important for schools to have a plan for this eventual expense. One way to help make this upgrade more affordable can be to conduct this upgrade in a series of phases. This can allow you to spread the cost of this upgrade over several budget cycles, and it can make it easier to complete these upgrades when school is out for holidays or summer break.

Prioritize Energy Efficient Lighting Systems For Your School

The electrical costs for running a school can be extremely high. Not surprisingly, lighting will often be a major part of these expenses. Due to this reality, you should invest in the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems. These systems will provide your school with the illumination that it needs while drastically reducing the electricity costs. If you opt for an LED system, you may find that this can also reduce maintenance costs by substantially extending the lifespan of the lightbulbs so that they will need to be changed less frequently. Otherwise, you may find that you need to change these lights very frequently due to the long hours that they may need to remain on during the school week.

Include The School's Exterior Lighting In Your Plans

When you are creating your strategy for upgrading your school's lighting system, it is important to avoid making the mistake of only focusing on the interior lights of the building. You should also consider upgrades to the lights in the parking lots, athletic fields, and around the building. These lighting systems can help to keep the school a safe place to be during events that occur in the late afternoon and early evening. These lighting systems will need to be far brighter than the lights inside the school, and this can cause them to be more expensive to install as well as requiring more electricity to operate. This can make it worth the investment of keeping these lights upgraded to modern systems that can be highly energy-efficient while still producing enough light to keep the grounds well-lit.

For more information about school lighting systems, contact a local electrician.